EDAC-CTL(8) EDAC admin utility EDAC-CTL(8)

NAME edac-ctl - EDAC admin utility

SYNOPSIS edac-ctl [OPTION]...

DESCRIPTION The edac-ctl program is a perl(1) script which performs some useful administration tasks for EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) drivers.

OPTIONS --help Display a brief usage message.

--driver Attempt to determine the name of a valid EDAC driver for the current hardware. This uses a driver database in /etc/edac/driver.db, along with the output of lspci(8).

--mainboard Print mainboard vendor and model for this hardware, if avail- able. This option requires that the dmidecode(8) utility be installed, and must be run as root.

--load Load EDAC drivers.

--unload Unload EDAC drivers.

--status Print the status of EDAC drivers (loaded or unloaded).

--register-labels Register motherboard DIMM labels into EDAC driver sysfs files. This option uses the detected mainboard manufacturer and model number in combination with a "labels database" file found in /etc/edac/labels.db. An entry for the current hardware must exist in the labels database for this option to do anything.

--print-labels Display the configured labels for the current hardware, as well as the current labels registered with EDAC.

--labeldb=DB Specify an alternate location for the labels database.

--driverdb=DB Specify and alternate location for the EDAC driver database.

SEE ALSO edac(3), edac-util(1)

@META_ALIAS 2007-05-08 EDAC-CTL(8)