DLM_TOOL(8) cluster DLM_TOOL(8)

NAME dlm_tool - a utility for the dlm and dlm_controld daemon

SYNOPSIS dlm_tool [COMMAND] [OPTIONS] [ name ]

DESCRIPTION ls Display internal dlm_controld state about lockspaces.

dump Dump dlm_controld debug buffer.

log_plock Dump dlm_controld plock debug buffer.

plocks name Dump posix locks from dlm_controld for the lockspace.

lockdump name Minimal display of locks from the lockspace.

lockdebug name Extended display of locks from the lockspace.

join name Join a lockspace.

leave name Leave a lockspace.

deadlock_check name Start a deadlock detection cycle for the lockspace.

OPTIONS -n Show all node information in ls.

-d num Resource directory enabled (1) or disabled (0) during join. Default 0.

-e num Exclusive create off/on (0/1) in join. Default 0.

-f num FS memory allocation off/on (0/1) in join. Default 0.

-m mode The permission mode (in octal) of the lockspace device created by join. Default 0600.

-M Dump MSTCPY locks in addition to locks held by local processes.

-s Summary following lockdebug output (experimental, format may change).

-v Verbose lockdebug output.

-w Wide lockdebug output.

-h Print a help message describing available options, then exit.

-V Print program version information, then exit.

SEE ALSO dlm_controld(8)

cluster 2009-01-20 DLM_TOOL(8)