NAME corosync-cfgtool - An administrative tool for corosync.

SYNOPSIS corosync-cfgtool [-s] [-r] [-l] [-u] [-H] [service_name] [-v] [version] [-k] [nodeid] [-a] [nodeid]

DESCRIPTION corosync-cfgtool A tool for displaying and configuring active parame- ters within corosync.

OPTIONS -h Print basic usage.

-s Displays the status of the current rings on this node.

-r Reset redundant ring state cluster wide after a fault to re- enable redundant ring operation.

-l Load a service identified by "service_name".

-u Unload a service identified by "service_name".

-a Display the IP address(es) of a node.

-c Set the cryptography mode of cluster communications.

-k Kill a node identified by node id.

-H Shutdown corosync cleanly on this node.

SEE ALSO corosync_overview(8),

AUTHOR Angus Salkeld

2010-05-30 COROSYNC-CFGTOOL(8)