cachefilesd(8) cachefilesd(8)

NAME cachefilesd - CacheFiles userspace management daemon

SYNOPSIS cachefilesd [-d]* [-s] [-n] [-f <configfile>]

DESCRIPTION The cachefilesd daemon manages the cache data store that is used by network filesystems such a AFS and NFS to cache data locally on disk.

The README file should be read before attempting to configure this facility:


OPTIONS -d Turn on debugging mode (message written to stderr).

-s Dont use syslog.

-n Dont daemonise.

-p <pidfile> Use an alternate PID file to /var/run/

-f <configfile> Read the alternate configuration files.

FILES /etc/cachefilesd.conf

SEE ALSO cachefilesd.conf(5), /usr/share/doc/cachefilesd-*/README

AUTHORS David Howells <>

14 November 2006 cachefilesd(8)