NAME arp2ethers - convert arpwatch address database to ethers file format

SYNOPSIS arp2ethers

DESCRIPTION arp2ethers converts file arp.dat in the current directory into ethers(5) format on stdout. Usually arp.dat is an ethernet/ip database file generated by arpwatch(8). The arpwatch daemon in Debian will cre- ate different arp.dat depending on its configuration. All of them will be available at /var/lib/arpwatch/.

FILES /var/lib/arpwatch - default directory for arp.dat arp.dat - ethernet/ip address database

SEE ALSO arpwatch(8), ethers(5), rarp(8), arp(8),

BUGS Please send bug reports to

AUTHORS Original version by Craig Leres of the Lawrence Berkeley National Labo- ratory Network Research Group, University of California, Berkeley, CA.

Modified for the Debian Project by Peter Kelemen, with additions from Erik Warmelink.

The current version is available via anonymous ftp:

This manual page was contributed by Hugo Graumann.