AMSTAR(8) System Administration Commands AMSTAR(8)

NAME amstar - Amanda Application to interface with star

DESCRIPTION Amstar is an Amanda Application API script. It should not be run by users directly. It uses star to backup and restore data.

PROPERTIES This section lists the properties that control amstar´s functionality. See amanda-applications(7) for information on application properties and how they are configured.


If "YES" (the default), do not allow star to cross filesystem boundaries. If "NO", star will cross filesystem boundaries. This corresponds to the -xdev option of star.


If "YES" (the default), star will store sparse files efficiently. If "NO", then the -sparse option is not given to star, and it will not try to detect sparse files.


If "YES", amstar will use a different tardump file for each DLE. The default is "NO". This property is needed with older versions of star doing many dumps in parallel, because of a race condition in updating the tardump file.


The path to the star binary. The default is set when Amanda is built.


The directory where star stores the database it uses to generate incremental dumps. The default is set when Amanda is built.

SEE ALSO amanda.conf(5), amanda-applications(7)

AUTHORS Jean-Louis Martineau <> Zmanda, Inc. (

Dustin J. Mitchell <> Zmanda, Inc. (

Amanda 2.6.1p2 11/05/2009 AMSTAR(8)