AMCLEANUP(8) System Administration Commands AMCLEANUP(8)

NAME amcleanup - run the Amanda cleanup process after a failure

SYNOPSIS amcleanup [-k] [-p] [-v] config

DESCRIPTION Amcleanup generates the Amanda Mail Report and updates the Amanda databases after a system failure on a tape server host. This cleanup process is normally done automatically as part of the amdump program, but if amdump cannot complete for some reason (usually because of a tape server host crash), amcleanup must be run some time later (usually during system boot).

See the amanda(8) man page for more details about Amanda.

OPTIONS -k Kill all process listed in the log file are their child. if there is no log file, then kill all amdump and amflush process and their child.

-p Do the cleanup only if all process listed in the log file are already terminated.

-v Generate verbose output.

EXAMPLES This example runs the Amanda cleanup process by hand after a failure. % amcleanup daily

Putting the following line in a system boot script (e.g. /etc/rc.local) runs the Amanda cleanup process as part of the reboot, eliminating the need to run it by hand. /usr/local/sbin/amcleanup daily

If nothing needs to be done, amcleanup exits normally with the message: amcleanup: no unprocessed logfile to clean up.

SEE ALSO amanda(8), amdump(8), :

AUTHORS James da Silva <>

Stefan G. Weichinger <>

Amanda 2.6.1p2 11/05/2009 AMCLEANUP(8)