AMAESPIPE(8) System Administration Commands AMAESPIPE(8)

NAME amaespipe - wrapper program for aespipe

SYNOPSIS amaespipe

DESCRIPTION amaespipe requires aespipe, uuencode and gpg to work. Aespipe is available from :

amaespipe will search for the aespipe program in the following directories: /usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin.

amaespipe is called by amcrypt for Amanda data encryption.

amaespipe is based on aespipe´s bzaespipe program. It calls aespipe to encrypt data using AES256 as the encryption and SHA256 as the hash function. GPG key should be stored in $AMANDA_HOME/.gnupg/am_key.gpg. amaespipe reads passphrase from file descriptor 3. During decryption, amaespipe autodects encryption type and hash function from the encrypted image.

SEE ALSO amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), aespipe(1), amcrypt(8), gpg(1), :

AUTHOR Kevin Till <> Zmanda, Inc. (

Amanda 2.6.1p2 11/05/2009 AMAESPIPE(8)