curl_easy_cleanup(3) libcurl Manual curl_easy_cleanup(3)

NAME curl_easy_cleanup - End a libcurl easy session

SYNOPSIS #include <curl/curl.h>

void curl_easy_cleanup(CURL *handle);

DESCRIPTION This function must be the last function to call for an easy session. It is the opposite of the curl_easy_init(3) function and must be called with the same handle as input that the curl_easy_init call returned.

This will effectively close all connections this handle has used and possibly has kept open until now. Don t call this function if you intend to transfer more files.

Any uses of the handle after this function has been called are illegal. This kills the handle and all memory associated with it!

With libcurl versions prior to 7.17.: when you ve called this, you can safely remove all the strings you ve previously told libcurl to use, as it wont use them anymore now.


SEE ALSO curl_easy_init(3),

libcurl 7.17.0 22 aug 2007 curl_easy_cleanup(3)