CERF(3) Linux Programmer s Manual CERF(3)

NAME cerf, cerff, cerfl, cerfc, cerfcf, cerfcl - complex error function

SYNOPSIS #include <complex.h>

double complex cerf(double complex z); float complex cerff(float complex z); long double complex cerfl(long double complex z);

double complex cerfc(double complex z); float complex cerfcf(float complex z); long double complex cerfcl(long double complex z);

Link with -lm.

DESCRIPTION The function cerf() is the complex version of the error function. erf(z) = 2/sqrt(pi) * integral from 0 to z of exp(-t*t) dt. The func- tion cerfc() is defined as cerfc(z) = 1-cerf(z).

CONFORMING TO The function names are reserved for future use in C99.

AVAILABILITY Not yet in glibc, as at version 2.8.

SEE ALSO erf(3), complex(7)

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2007-12-26 CERF(3)