NAME audit_get_reply - Get the audit systems reply

SYNOPSIS #include <libaudit.h>

int audit_get_reply(int fd, struct audit_reply *rep, reply_t block, int peek);

DESCRIPTION This function gets the next data packet sent on the audit netlink socket. This function is usually called after sending a command to the audit system. fd should be an open file descriptor returned by audit_open. rep should be a data structure to put the reply in. block is of type reply_t which is either: GET_REPLY_BLOCKING and GET_REPLY_NONBLOCKING. peek, if non-zero, gets the data without dequeueing it from the netlink socket.

RETURN VALUE This function returns -1 on error, 0 if error response received, and positive value on success.

SEE ALSO audit_open(3).

AUTHOR Steve Grubb

Red Hat Oct 2006 AUDIT_GET_REPLY(3)