FcLangSetHasLang(3) FcLangSetHasLang(3)

NAME FcLangSetHasLang - test langset for language support

SYNOPSIS #include <fontconfig.h>

FcLangResult FcLangSetHasLang(const FcLangSet *ls); (const FcChar8 *lang); .fi

DESCRIPTION FcLangSetHasLang checks whether ls supports lang. If ls has a matching language and territory pair, this function returns FcLangEqual. If ls has a matching language but differs in which territory that language is for, this function returns FcLangDiffentTerritory. If ls has no match- ing language, this function returns FcLangDifferentLang.

VERSION Fontconfig version 2.8.0

18 November 2009 FcLangSetHasLang(3)