ENUM IEEE80211_CONF_(9) The basic mac80211 driver inte ENUM IEEE80211_CONF_(9)

NAME enum_ieee80211_conf_flags - configuration flags

SYNOPSIS enum ieee80211_conf_flags { IEEE80211_CONF_RADIOTAP, IEEE80211_CONF_PS, IEEE80211_CONF_IDLE, IEEE80211_CONF_QOS };

CONSTANTS IEEE80211_CONF_RADIOTAP add radiotap header at receive time (if supported)

IEEE80211_CONF_PS Enable 802.11 power save mode (managed mode only)

IEEE80211_CONF_IDLE The device is running, but idle; if the flag is set the driver should be prepared to handle configuration requests but may turn the device off as much as possible. Typically, this flag will be set when an interface is set UP but not associated or scanning, but it can also be unset in that case when monitor interfaces are active.

IEEE80211_CONF_QOS Enable 802.11e QoS also know as WMM (Wireless Multimedia). On some drivers (iwlwifi is one of know) we have to enable/disable QoS explicitly.

DESCRIPTION Flags to define PHY configuration options

AUTHOR Johannes Berg <johannes@sipsolutions.net> Author.

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. May 2011 ENUM IEEE80211_CONF_(9)