BITMAP_PARSELIST(9) Basic Kernel Library Functions BITMAP_PARSELIST(9)

NAME bitmap_parselist - convert list format ASCII string to bitmap

SYNOPSIS int bitmap_parselist(const char * bp, unsigned long * maskp, int nmaskbits);

ARGUMENTS bp read nul-terminated user string from this buffer

maskp write resulting mask here

nmaskbits number of bits in mask to be written

DESCRIPTION Input format is a comma-separated list of decimal numbers and ranges. Consecutively set bits are shown as two hyphen-separated decimal numbers, the smallest and largest bit numbers set in the range.

Returns 0 on success, -errno on invalid input strings.

ERROR VALUES -EINVAL: second number in range smaller than first -EINVAL: invalid character in string -ERANGE: bit number specified too large for mask

COPYRIGHT Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. May 2011 BITMAP_PARSELIST(9)