NAME fipvlan - Fibre Channel over Ethernet VLAN Discovery

SYNOPSIS fipvlan [-c|--create] [-s|--start] interfaces

fipvlan -a|--auto [-c|--create] [-s|--start]

fipvlan -h|--help

fipvlan -v|--version

DESCRIPTION The fipvlan command performs Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Initialization Protocol (FIP) VLAN Discovery over Ethernet interfaces. fipvlan can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine which VLANs have FCoE services available on a network, prior to configuring VLAN interfaces and the Open-FCoE initiator. fipvlan can also be used to create VLAN interfaces as the are discovered, and to start the Open-FCoE initiator. The --create and --start options are primarily intended to be used as part of an Open-FCoE boot solution.

fipvlan takes a list of network interface names to run the VLAN discovery protocol over, or the --auto option to use all available Ethernet interfaces.

OPTIONS -a, --auto Use all Ethernet interfaces currently available

-c, --create Create network interfaces for discovered FCoE VLANs. If a VLAN device already exists for a discovered VLAN, a new VLAN device will not be created.

-s, --start Start the Open-FCoE initiator on discovered FCoE VLANs

-h, --help Display a help message with basic usage instructions

-v, --version Display the fipvlan version string

VLAN NAMING CONVENTIONS If a new VLAN device is created, it will have the name dev.vlan-fcoe; where dev is the name of the Ethernet parent device and vlan is the discovered VLAN ID number.

EXAMPLES Display all discoverable VLANs with FCoE services

fipvlan --auto

Discover FCoE VLANs on interface eth2, create VLAN devices and start the Open-FCoE initiator

fipvlan --create --start eth2

In this example if FCoE services were available on VLAN 101 of network interface eth2, then a VLAN interface eth2.101-fcoe would be created and used as the parent device for the initiator.

SEE ALSO fcoeadm(8) fcoemon(8)

SUPPORT fipvlan is part of the fcoe-utils package, maintained through the Open-FCoE project. Resources for both developers and users can be found at the Open-FCoE website

Open-FCoE 04/01/2010 FIPVLAN(8)