NAME dmeventd - Device-mapper event daemon

SYNOPSIS dmeventd [-d] [-f] [-h] [-V] [-?]

DESCRIPTION dmeventd is the event monitoring daemon for device-mapper devices. Library plugins can register and carry out actions triggered when par- ticular events occur.

LVM PLUGINS Mirror Attempts to handle device failure automatically. See lvm.conf(5).

Snapshot Monitors how full a snapshot is becoming and emits a warning to syslog when it exceeds 80% full. The warning is repeated when 85%, 90% and 95% of the snapshot is filled. See lvm.conf(5).

OPTIONS -d Repeat from 1 to 3 times (-d, -dd, -ddd) to increase the detail of debug messages sent to syslog. Each extra d adds more debug- ging information.

-f Dont fork, run in the foreground.

-h, -? Show help information.

-V Show version of dmeventd.

SEE ALSO lvm(8), lvm.conf(5)

Red Hat Inc DM TOOLS 2.02.83(2)-RHEL6 (2011-03-18) DMEVENTD(8)