firstaidkit.conf(5) firstaidkit.conf(5)

NAME firstaidkit.conf - FirstAidKit configuration file

DESCRIPTION This file controls the environment and execution arguments for the main plugin engine as well as for the included plugins in FirstAidKit. The most important information present in this file are the paths to plug- ins and frontends.

FirstAidKit is also able to output complete configuration used to run current task. It is then possible to save it to file and use it to start another run with the exact same arguments.

FORMAT This file uses the standard win .ini formatting. See the example bel- low:

[section] key = value long-key = "value with spaces"

FILES You can find the configuration file as /etc/firstaidkit/firstaid- kit.conf or $HOME/.firstaidkit.conf. It is also possible to save it somewhere else, but you have to explicitly point the firstaidkit exe- cutable to it.

SEE ALSO Please see the configuration file in the package for complete descrip- tions of available sections and keys.

AUTHOR Martin Sivak (msivak (at) redthat (dot) com)