abrt.conf(5) abrt.conf(5)

NAME abrt.conf - configuration file for abrt

DESCRIPTION abrt is a daemon that watches for application crashes. When a crash occurs, it collects the crash data and takes action according to its configuration. This manual page describes abrt s configuration file.

The configuration file consists of sections, each section contains sev- eral items in the format "Option = Value". A description of each sec- tion follows:

[Common] OpenGPGCheck = yes | no When set to "yes", abrt will report crashes only in GPG signed packages. When set to "no", it will report crashes also in unsigned packages. The default is "no".

OpenGPGPublicKeys = filename , filename ... These are the trusted GPG keys with which packages have to be signed for abrt to report them if "OpenGPGCheck = yes".

BlackList = packageName, packageName ... abrt will ignore packages in this list and will not handle their crashes.

BlackListedPaths = /path/to/ignore/*, */another/ignored/path* ... abrt will ignore crashes in executables whose absolute path matches one of specified patterns.

Database = databasePlugin This specifies which database plugin abrt uses to store metadata about the crash.

MaxCrashReportsSize = number The maximum disk space (specified in megabytes) that abrt will use for all the crash dumps. Specify a value here to ensure that the crash dumps will not fill all available storage space. The default is 1000.

ActionsAndReporters = plugin, plugin(parameters) List of reporter and action plugins which will be run at crash time.

ProcessUnpackaged = yes | no When set to "yes", abrt will catch all crashes in the system. When set to "no", it will catch crashes only in Fedora packages. The default is "no".

[ AnalyzerActionsAndReporters ] This section contains associations between analyzers and action or reporter plugins.

CCpp = plugin abrt will use this plugin when a C/C++ program crashes. You can specify a plugin for specific program, for example CCpp:bind = Mailx("[abrt] Bind crashed") The Mailx plugin will run when bind crashes, instead of the plu- gin specified for all the C/C++ programs.

Kerneloops = plugin This plugin will be used in the case of kernel crashes.

[ Cron ] This section specifies tasks that will be run at some specified time. You can specify either a time of day in the format hh:mm = plugin or an interval ss = plugin2 in this case, plugin2 will be run every ss seconds (this number can be greater than 60).

SEE ALSO abrtd(8), abrt-plugins(7)

AUTHOR Written by Zdenk Pikryl <zprikryl@redhat.com> and Jií Moskovák <jmoskovc@redhat.com>. Manual page written by Daniel Novotný <dnovotny@redhat.com>.

28 May 2009 abrt.conf(5)