FUNCTION::CMDLINE_AR(3stap) Context Functions FUNCTION::CMDLINE_AR(3stap)

NAME function::cmdline_args - Fetch command line arguments from current process

SYNOPSIS cmdline_args:string(n:long,m:long,delim:string)

ARGUMENTS n First argument to get (zero is the command itself)

m Last argument to get (or minus one for all arguments after n)

delim String to use to delimit arguments when more than one.

DESCRIPTION Returns arguments from the current process starting with argument number n, up to argument m. If there are less than n arguments, or the arguments cannot be retrieved from the current process, the empty string is returned. If m is smaller than n then all arguments starting from argument n are returned. Argument zero is traditionally the command itself.

SystemTap Tapset Reference April 2011 FUNCTION::CMDLINE_AR(3stap)