FUNCTION::BYTES_TO_S(3stap) Memory Tapset FUNCTION::BYTES_TO_S(3stap)

NAME function::bytes_to_string - Human readable string for given bytes

SYNOPSIS bytes_to_string:string(bytes:long)

ARGUMENTS bytes Number of bytes to translate.

DESCRIPTION Returns a string representing the number of bytes (up to 1024 bytes), the number of kilobytes (when less than 1024K) postfixed by ´K´, the number of megabytes (when less than 1024M) postfixed by ´M´ or the number of gigabytes postfixed by ´G´. If representing K, M or G, and the number is amount is less than 100, it includes a ´.´ plus the remainer. The returned string will be 5 characters wide (padding with whitespace at the front) unless negative or representing more than 9999G bytes.

SystemTap Tapset Reference April 2011 FUNCTION::BYTES_TO_S(3stap)