NAME clock_settime - Set the specified clock

SYNOPSIS long sys_clock_settime (clockid_t which_clock, const struct timespec *tp);

DESCRIPTION clock_settime sets the specified clock, which_clock, to the value spec- ified by tp. The values that clockid_t currently supports for POSIX.1b timers, defined in include/linux/time.h, are:

CLOCK_REALTIME Systemwide realtime clock.

CLOCK_MONOTONIC Represents monotonic time. Cannot be set.

CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID High resolution per-process timer.

CLOCK_THREAD_CPUTIME_ID Thread-specific timer.

RETURN VALUE clock_gettime returns 0 on success; otherwise, it returns one of the errors listed in the "Errors" section.

ERRORS -EINVAL An invalid which_clock value was specified.

-EFAULT Can not copy tp value to kernel space.

SEE ALSO clock_getres(2), clock_nanosleep(2), clock_gettime(2)

AUTHOR Niki Rahimi