NAME foomatic-getpjloptions - <put a short description here>

SYNOPSIS foomatic-getpjloptions device

foomatic-getpjloptions hostname port

DESCRIPTION foomatic-getpjloptions Sends a set of PJL commands and reads back the PJL options and status from a printer over a network connection or device bidirectional interface such as parallel, USB, serial. printers to standard output. The output can be piped into foomatic-addpjloptions to add options to the database.

Options device The interface to which a local printer is connected, e.g. /dev/lp0, /dev/usb/lp0, /dev/tty00, etc. For a parallel port, you must have bidirectional support enabled at the BIOS level and the parallel port driver must support the bidirec- tional mode. Check your parallel port BIOS settings for EPP/bi-directional mode.

hostname Host name or IP address of a network printer (HP JetDirect, DLINK, etc.).

port Port on which your network printer listens for socket (App- socket) connections. Most common ports are 9100 (JetDirect), 10000 (DLINK). Usually you can configure the port via a con- figuration interface.

EXIT STATUS foomatic-getpjloptions returns ???

AUTHOR Manfred Wassmann <> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary. Modified by Patrick Powell <papowell at> to provide betters support for network printers, error messages, and remove CR and FF from output.

WARNINGS Uni-directional protocols as remote LPD are not supported as no status is returned. Some network print servers which attach to a printer par- allel port do not support bidirectional mode.

Foomatic Project 2001-05-07 FOOMATIC-GETPJLOPTIONS(8)