NAME cnfsstat - show usage of cycbuffs

SYNOPSIS cnfsstat [ -a ] [ -c CLASS ] [ -h ] [ -l [ seconds ] ] [ -m BUFFER ] [ -P ] [ -p ] [ -s ]

DESCRIPTION Cnfsstat reads <pathetc in inn.conf>/cycbuff.conf and <pathetc in inn.conf>/storage.conf to determine which cycbuffs are available, read the specified cycbuffs, and shows their usage status.

Cnfsstat can be invoked from, if <docnfsstat in inn.conf> is true, and the result is written to syslog(3).

OPTIONS -a Cnfsstat prints also the age of the oldest article in the cycbuff.

-c CLASS Cnfsstat prints information only for the specified class.

-h Cnfsstat prints usage information.

-l [ seconds ] Cnfsstat prints a status snapshot every seconds, and only exits if there is an error. The default interval is 600 seconds.

-m BUFFER Cnfsstat prints information about the specified buffer in a for- mat suitable for mrtg.

-P Cnfsstat writes PID into <pathrun in inn.conf>/

-p Cnfsstat prints an mrtg config file.

-s Cnfsstat writes output to syslog(3) instead of standard output.

HISTORY Written by Katsuhiro Kondou <> for InterNetNews. This is revision 5909, dated 2002-12-03.

SEE ALSO cycbuff.conf(5), inn.conf(5),, storage.conf(5).