NAME cnfsheadconf - set CNFS header

SYNOPSIS cnfsheadconf [ -c CLASS ] [ -h ] [ -w ]

DESCRIPTION Cnfsheadconf reads <pathetc in inn.conf>/cycbuff.conf and <pathetc in inn.conf>/storage.conf to determine which cycbuffs are available, reads the specified cycbuff, and modifies the header as directed by the interactive user.

OPTIONS -c CLASS Cnfsheadconf prints status of (and modifies, if appropriate) the specified class.

-h Cnfsheadconf prints usage information.

-w Cnfsheadconf prompts for modifications to make to cycbuff header.

HISTORY Written by Katsuhiro Kondou <> for InterNetNews. This is revision 5909, dated 2002-12-03.

SEE ALSO cycbuff.conf(5), inn.conf(5), storage.conf(5).