NAME blockdev - call block device ioctls from the command line

SYNOPSIS blockdev [options] commands devices

DESCRIPTION The utility blockdev allows one to call block device ioctls from the command line.

OPTIONS -V Print version and exit.

-q Be quiet.

-v Be verbose.

COMMANDS --setro Set read-only.

--setrw Set read-write.

--getro Get read-only. Print 1 if the device is read-only, 0 otherwise.

--getss Print sectorsize in bytes - usually 512.

--getbsz Print blocksize in bytes.

--setbsz N Set blocksize to N bytes.

--getsz Get size in 512-byte sectors.

--getsize Print device size (in 512-byte sectors).

--getsize64 Print device size in bytes.

--setra N Set readahead to N 512-byte sectors.

--getra Print readahead (in 512-byte sectors).

--flushbufs Flush buffers.

--rereadpt Reread partition table.

--rmpart N remove selected partition from kernel. (DEPRECATED)

--rmparts remove all device partitions from kernel. (DEPRECATED)

--report [<device> ...] print read-only status, block size, sector size and geometry for all devices (according to /proc/partitions) or for given devices only. This command cannot be used together with other commands. (DEPRECATED)

May 2000 BLOCKDEV(8)