AUTH_SMB(8) InterNetNews Documentation AUTH_SMB(8)

NAME auth_smb - nnrpd Samba authenticator

SYNOPSIS auth_smb server [backup_server] domain

DESCRIPTION This program does authentication for nnrpd against an SMB server. It passes the received username and password to server for validation in the specified SMB domain. A backup server may optionally be supplied; if it is missing, only server is used.

If authentication is successful, the original username is returned as the authentication identity. Brief errors, including incorrect pass- word and failure contacting the server, are logged.

EXAMPLE The following readers.conf(5) fragment grants access to users who can authenticate against an SMB server:

auth windows { auth: "auth_smb USERS" default-domain: "" }

access internal { users: "*" newsgroups: example.* }

Access is granted to the example.* groups after successful authentica- tion.

BUGS We should link against an external SMB library rather than maintain one within the INN source tree.

HISTORY Originally written October 2000 by Krischan Jodies <>, based heavily on pam_smb v1.1.6 by David Airlie <>. This documentation was written by Jeffrey M. Vinocur <>.

$Id: auth_smb.8 5989 2002-12-12 23:07:49Z vinocur $

SEE ALSO nnrpd(8), readers.conf(5)

INN 2.4.0 2002-12-12 AUTH_SMB(8)