ATA_ID(8) Linux Administrator s Manual ATA_ID(8)

NAME ata_id - udev callout to read product/serial number from ATA drives

SYNOPSIS ata_id [--export] blockdevice

DESCRIPTION ata_id is normally called from a udev rule, to provide udev with a unique string and additional information (uuid, label) for an ATA drive. Udev can use this information to create symlinks in /dev/disk/by-id and /dev/disk/by-label to the real device node.

USAGE ata_id opens the blockdevice node specified at the commandline and prints the information chosen by the options.

OPTIONS The following commandline switches are supported to specify what ata_id should print:

--export print all values (instead of only the id)

SEE ALSO udev(7)

AUTHORS Developed by Kay Sievers <>.

November 2005 ATA_ID(8)