FULL(4) Linux Programmer s Manual FULL(4)

NAME full - always full device

DESCRIPTION File /dev/full has major device number 1 and minor device number 7.

Writes to the /dev/full device will fail with an ENOSPC error. This can be used to test how a program handles disk-full errors.

Reads from the /dev/full device will return characters.

Seeks on /dev/full will always succeed.

CONFIGURING If your system does not have /dev/full created already, it can be cre- ated with the following commands:

mknod -m 666 /dev/full c 1 7 chown root:root /dev/full

FILES /dev/full

SEE ALSO mknod(1), null(4), zero(4)

Linux 1997-08-02 FULL(4)