NAME gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_mem - Used to set keys in a gnutls_cer- tificate_credentials_t structure

SYNOPSIS #include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

int gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_mem(gnutls_certificate_creden- tials_t res, const gnutls_datum_t * cert, const gnutls_datum_t * key, gnutls_x509_crt_fmt_t type);

ARGUMENTS gnutls_certificate_credentials_t res is an gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure.

const gnutls_datum_t * cert contains a certificate list (path) for the specified pri- vate key

const gnutls_datum_t * key is the private key

gnutls_x509_crt_fmt_t type is PEM or DER

DESCRIPTION This function sets a certificate/private key pair in the gnutls_cer- tificate_credentials_t structure. This function may be called more than once (in case multiple keys/certificates exist for the server).

CURRENTLY ARE SUPPORTED RSA PKCS-1 encoded private keys, DSA private keys.

DSA private keys are encoded the OpenSSL way, which is an ASN.1 DER sequence of 6 INTEGERs - version, p, q, g, pub, priv.

Note that the keyUsage ( PKIX extension in X.509 certificates is supported. This means that certificates intended for signing cannot be used for ciphersuites that require encryption.

If the certificate and the private key are given in PEM encoding then the strings that hold their values must be null terminated.

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gnutls 1.4gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_mem(3)