GETPW(3) Linux Programmer s Manual GETPW(3)

NAME getpw - Re-construct password line entry

SYNOPSIS #include <sys/types.h> #include <pwd.h>

int getpw(uid_t uid, char *buf);

DESCRIPTION The getpw() function re-constructs the password line entry for the given user ID uid in the buffer buf. The returned buffer contains a line of format


The passwd structure is defined in <pwd.h> as follows:

struct passwd { char *pw_name; /* user name */ char *pw_passwd; /* user password */ uid_t pw_uid; /* user ID */ gid_t pw_gid; /* group ID */ char *pw_gecos; /* real name */ char *pw_dir; /* home directory */ char *pw_shell; /* shell program */ };

RETURN VALUE The getpw() function returns 0 on success, or -1 if an error occurs.

ERRORS ENOMEM Insufficient memory to allocate passwd structure.

FILES /etc/passwd password database file


BUGS The getpw() function is dangerous as it may overflow the provided buffer buf. It is obsoleted by getpwuid().

SEE ALSO endpwent(3), fgetpwent(3), getpwent(3), getpwnam(3), getpwuid(3), putp- went(3), setpwent(3), passwd(5)

GNU 1996-05-27 GETPW(3)