getfscreatecon(3) SELinux API documentation getfscreatecon(3)

NAME getfscreatecon, setfscreatecon - get or set the SELinux security con- text used for creating a new file system object.

SYNOPSIS #include <selinux/selinux.h>

int getfscreatecon(security_context_t *con);

int setfscreatecon(security_context_t context);

DESCRIPTION getfscreatecon retrieves the context used for creating a new file sys- tem object. This returned context should be freed with freecon if non- NULL. getfscreatecon sets *con to NULL if no fscreate context has been explicitly set by the program (i.e. using the default policy behavior).

setfscreatecon sets the context used for creating a new file system object. NULL can be passed to setfscreatecon to reset to the default policy behavior. The fscreate context is automatically reset after the next execve, so a program doesn t need to explicitly sanitize it upon startup.

setfscreatecon can be applied prior to library functions that inter- nally perform an file creation, in order to set an file context on the objects.

Note: Signal handlers that perform an setfscreate must take care to save, reset, and restore the fscreate context to avoid unexpected behavior.

RETURN VALUE On error -1 is returned. On success 0 is returned.

SEE ALSO selinux(8), freecon(3), getcon(3), getexeccon(3) 1 January 2004 getfscreatecon(3)