FMA(3) Linux Programmer s Manual FMA(3)

NAME fma, fmaf, fmal - floating-point multiply and add

SYNOPSIS #include <math.h>

double fma(double x, double y, double z); float fmaf(float x, float y, float z); long double fmal(long double x, long double y, long double z);

Compile with -std=c99; link with -lm.

DESCRIPTION The fma() function computes x * y + z. The result is rounded according to the rounding mode determined by the value of FLT_ROUNDS. FLT_ROUNDS indicates the implementation-defined rounding behaviour for floating- point addition, and has one of the following values:

-1 The rounding mode is not determinable.

0 Rounding is towards 0.

1 Rounding is towards nearest number.

2 Rounding is towards positive infinity.

3 Rounding is towards negative infinity.

Other values represent machine-dependent, non-standard rounding modes.


SEE ALSO fenv(3), remainder(3), remquo(3)

2002-07-27 FMA(3)