FEXECVE(3) Linux Programmer s Manual FEXECVE(3)

NAME fexecve - execute program specified via file descriptor

SYNOPSIS #include <sys/time.h>

int fexecve(int fd, char *const argv[], char *const envp[]);

DESCRIPTION fexecve() performs the same task as execve(2), with the difference that the file to be executed is specified via a file descriptor, fd, rather than via a pathname.

RETURN VALUE A successful call to fexecve() never returns. On error, the function returns, with a result value of -1 is returned, and errno is set appro- priately.

ERRORS Errors are as for execve(2), with the following additions:

EINVAL fd is not a valid file descriptor, or argv is NULL, or envp is NULL.

ENOSYS The /proc file system could not be accessed.

VERSIONS fexecve() is implemented since glibc 2.3.2.

CONFORMING TO This function is Linux specific. It is under consideration for inclu- sion in a future version of POSIX.1.

SEE ALSO execve(2)

Linux 2006-03-06 FEXECVE(3)