DYSIZE(3) Linux Programmer s Manual DYSIZE(3)

NAME dysize - get number of days for a given year

SYNOPSIS #define _BSD_SOURCE /* or: #define _SVID_SOURCE */ #include <time.h>

int dysize(int year);

DESCRIPTION The function returns 365 for a normal year and 366 for a leap year. The calculation for leap year is based on:

(year) %4 == 0 && ((year) %100 != 0 || (year) %400 == 0)

The formula is defined in the macro __isleap(year) also found in <time.h>.

CONFORMING TO This function occurs in SunOS 4.x.

NOTES This is a compatibility function only. Dont use it in new programs. The SCO version of this function had a year-2000 problem.

SEE ALSO strftime(3), time(3)

GNU November 12, 2001 DYSIZE(3)