curl_multi_setopt(3) libcurl Manual curl_multi_setopt(3)

NAME curl_multi_setopt - set options for a curl multi handle

SYNOPSIS #include <curl/curl.h>

CURLMcode curl_multi_setopt(CURLM * multi_handle, CURLMoption option, param);

DESCRIPTION curl_multi_setopt() is used to tell a libcurl multi handle how to behave. By using the appropriate options to curl_multi_setopt, you can change libcurl s behaviour when using that multi handle. All options are set with the option followed by the parameter param. That parameter can be a long, a function pointer, an object pointer or a curl_off_t type, depending on what the specific option expects. Read this manual carefully as bad input values may cause libcurl to behave badly! You can only set one option in each function call.

OPTIONS CURLMOPT_SOCKETFUNCTION Pass a pointer to a function matching the curl_socket_callback prototype. The curl_multi_socket(3) functions inform the appli- cation about updates in the socket (file descriptor) status by doing none, one or multiple calls to the curl_socket_callback given in the param argument. They update the status with changes since the previous time a curl_multi_socket(3) function was called. If the given callback pointer is NULL, no callback will be called. Set the callbacks userp argument with CURLMOPT_SOCK- ETDATA. See curl_multi_socket(3) for more callback details.

CURLMOPT_SOCKETDATA Pass a pointer to whatever you want passed to the curl_socket_callbacks forth argument, the userp pointer. This is not used by libcurl but only passed-thru as-is. Set the call- back pointer with CURLMOPT_SOCKETFUNCTION.

RETURNS The standard CURLMcode for multi interface error codes. Note that it returns a CURLM_UNKNOWN_OPTION if you try setting an option that this version of libcurl doesnt know of.

AVAILABILITY This function was added in libcurl 7.15.4.

SEE ALSO curl_multi_cleanup(3), curl_multi_init(3), curl_multi_socket(3), curl_multi_info_read(3)

libcurl 7.16.0 8 Jan 2006 curl_multi_setopt(3)