CTERMID(3) Linux Programmer s Manual CTERMID(3)

NAME ctermid - get controlling terminal name

SYNOPSIS #include <stdio.h>

char *ctermid(char *s);

DESCRIPTION ctermid() returns a string which is the pathname for the current con- trolling terminal for this process. If s is NULL, a static buffer is used, otherwise s points to a buffer used to hold the terminal path- name. The symbolic constant L_ctermid is the maximum number of charac- ters in the returned pathname.

RETURN VALUE The pointer to the pathname.


BUGS The path returned may not uniquely identify the controlling terminal; it may, for example, be /dev/tty.

It is not assured that the program can open the terminal.

SEE ALSO ttyname(3)

GNU 1993-04-06 CTERMID(3)