CPROJ(3) complex math routines CPROJ(3)

NAME cproj, cprojf, cprojl - project into Riemann Sphere

SYNOPSIS #include <complex.h>

double complex cproj(double complex z); float complex cprojf(float complex z); long double complex cprojl(long double complex z);

Link with -lm.

DESCRIPTION This function projects a point in the plane onto the surface of a Rie- mann Sphere, the one-point compactification of the complex plane. Each finite point z projects to z itself. Every complex infinite value is projected to a single infinite value, namely to positive infinity on the real axis.


NOTE The glibc implementation is broken and does something entirely differ- ent.

SEE ALSO cabs(3), complex(7)

2002-07-28 CPROJ(3)