CARG(3) complex math routines CARG(3)

NAME carg, cargf, cargl - calculate the argument

SYNOPSIS #include <complex.h>

double carg(double complex z); float cargf(float complex z); long double cargl(long double complex z);

Link with -lm.

DESCRIPTION A complex number can be described by two real coordinates. One may use rectangular coordinates and gets z = x+I*y, where x = creal(z) and y = cimag(z).

Or one may use polar coordinates and gets z = r*cexp(I*a) where r = cabs(z) is the "radius", the "modulus", the absolute value of z, and a = carg(z) is the "phase angle", the argument of z.

One has tan(carg(z)) = cimag(z) / creal(z).

RETURN VALUE The return value is the range of [-pi,pi].


SEE ALSO cabs(3), complex(7)

2002-07-28 CARG(3)