GETDTABLESIZE(2) Linux Programmer s Manual GETDTABLESIZE(2)

NAME getdtablesize - get descriptor table size

SYNOPSIS #include <unistd.h>

int getdtablesize(void);

DESCRIPTION getdtablesize() returns the maximum number of files a process can have open, one more than the largest possible value for a file descriptor.

RETURN VALUE The current limit on the number of open files per process.

NOTES getdtablesize() is implemented as a libc library function. The glibc version calls getrlimit(2) and returns the current RLIMIT_NOFILE limit, or OPEN_MAX when that fails. The libc4 and libc5 versions return OPEN_MAX (set to 256 since Linux 0.98.4).

CONFORMING TO SVr4, 4.4BSD (the getdtablesize() function first appeared in 4.2BSD).

SEE ALSO close(2), dup(2), getrlimit(2), open(2)

Linux 2.4 2002-04-15 GETDTABLESIZE(2)