GET_THREAD_AREA(2) Linux Programmer s Manual GET_THREAD_AREA(2)

NAME get_thread_area - Get a Thread Local Storage (TLS) area

SYNOPSIS #include <linux/unistd.h> #include <asm/ldt.h>

int get_thread_area(struct user_desc *u_info);

DESCRIPTION get_thread_area() returns an entry in the current thread s Thread Local Storage (TLS) array. The index of the entry corresponds to the value of u_info->entry_number, passed in by the user. If the value is in bounds, get_thread_info copies the corresponding TLS entry into the area pointed to by u_info.

RETURN VALUE get_thread_area() returns 0 on success. Otherwise, it returns -1 and sets errno appropriately.

ERRORS EFAULT u_info is an invalid pointer.

EINVAL u_info->entry_number is out of bounds.

CONFORMING TO get_thread_area() is Linux specific and should not be used in programs that are intended to be portable.

AVAILABILITY A version of get_thread_area() first appeared in Linux 2.5.32.

SEE ALSO modify_ldt(2), set_thread_area(2)

Linux 2.5.32 2003-02-21 GET_THREAD_AREA(2)