gnome-system-log(1) gnome-system-log(1)

NAME gnome-system-log - the GNOME System Log Viewer

SYNOPSIS gnome-system-log

or select System Log from the System Tools submenu of the Applications menu.

DESCRIPTION GNOME System Log Viewer is a simple utility to display system log files.

AUTHOR The GNOME System Log Viewer was written by Cesar Miquel <>.

This manual page was written by Jochen Voss <voss@mathematik.uni->.

FILES /var/log/messages The systems main logfile.

/etc/syslog.conf Configuration file for syslogd. See syslog.conf(5) for exact information.

SEE ALSO syslogd(8), sysklogd(8), syslog.conf(5), syslogd-listfiles(8)

gnome-utils 2.0.0 Aug 09 2002 gnome-system-log(1)