gnome-dictionary(1) gnome-dictionary(1)

NAME gnome-dictionary - Look up words on dictionaries

SYNOPSIS gnome-dictionary gnome-dictionary [options]

or select Dictionary from the Accessories submenu of the Applications menu.

DESCRIPTION GNOME Dictionary provides dictionary definitions of words, using a dic- tionary source.

For full documentation see the GNOME Dictionary online help.

OPTIONS --look-up word Looks up the specified word using the pre-defined dictionary source.

-s source or --source source Uses the specified source for looking up words. This does not affect the global settings.

-l or --list-sources Lists all the sources available.

-n or --no-window Using this switch with the --look-up will print the defintions found on the console without launching the GUI.

--help Display help information.

CONFIGURATION All the configuration is handled using GConf.

AUTHOR GNOME Dictionary was originally written by Spiros Papadimitriou (<spa->), Mike Hughes (<>) and Bradford Hovi- nen (<>).

Emmanuele Bassi (<>) rewrote it from scratch.

This manual page was originally written by Jochen Voss <voss@mathe->.

SEE ALSO dict(1), dictd(8),, RFC 2229

gnome-utils 2.13.4 Jan 2 2005 gnome-dictionary(1)