NAME glib-gettextize - gettext internationalization utility

SYNOPSIS glib-gettextize [option...] [directory]

DESCRIPTION glib-gettextize helps to prepare a source package for being internationalized through gettext. It is a variant of the gettextize that ships with gettext.

glib-gettextize differs from gettextize in that it doesn t create an intl/ subdirectory and doesnt modify po/ChangeLog (note that newer versions of gettextize behave like this when called with the --no-changelog option).

Options --help print help and exit

--version print version information and exit

-c, --copy copy files instead of making symlinks

-f, --force force writing of new files even if old ones exist

SEE ALSO gettextize(1)

08/15/2005 GLIB-GETTEXTIZE(1)