NAME getafm - create an AFM file for a PostScript font.

SYNOPSIS getafm FontName >

DESCRIPTION Getafm generates a PostScript file which prints an AFM file for a font to the printer s output channel. The output of getafm should be sent to a printer, or to GhostScript. For example,

getafm Times-Roman | gsnd - >Times-Roman.afm

AUTHOR Robert Joop (, Angus Duggan

SEE ALSO psbook(1), psselect(1), pstops(1), epsffit(1), psnup(1), psresize(1), psmerge(1), fixscribeps(1), getafm(1), fixdlsrps(1), fixfmps(1), fix- macps(1), fixpsditps(1), fixpspps(1), fixtpps(1), fixwfwps(1), fixw- pps(1), fixwwps(1), extractres(1), includeres(1)

TRADEMARKS PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

BUGS Kerning information is not generated by getafm; it is best to use orig- inal AFM files if possible.

PSUtils Release 1 Patchlevel 17 GETAFM(1)