NAME foomatic-perl-data - generate Perl data structures from XML

SYNOPSIS foomatic-perl-data [ -O ] [ -C ] [ -P ] [ -D ] [ -o option=setting ] [ -o ... ] [ -v ] [ filename ]

Options -O Parse overview XML data

-C Parse printer/driver combo XML data (default)

-P Parse printer entry XML data

-D Parse driver entry XML data

-o option=setting Default option settings for the generated Perl data (combo only)

-v Verbose (debug) mode

filename Read input from a file and not from standard input

EXIT STATUS foomatic-perl-data returns ...

AUTHOR Manfred Wassmann <> for the foomatic project using output from the associated binary.

BUGS This manpage needs editing.

Foomatic Project 2002-04-22 FOOMATIC-PERL-DATA(1)