ESDDSP(1) Enlightened Sound Daemon ESDDSP(1)

NAME esddsp - attempt to reroute audio device to esd

DESCRIPTION esddsp can allow non-esd applications to be routed through esd.

USAGE esddsp [options] player arguments


-h, --help show brief help -s, --server=HOST:PORT contact esd server on host at port -m, --mixer enable mixer support -n, --name=NAME use name to identify player to esd -v, --verbose show parameters --mmap use memory mapping emulation (useful for games like quake)

SEE ALSO esd(1), esdcat(1), esdloop(1), esdplay(1), esdsample(1), esd-config(1), esdctl(1), esdfilt(1), esdmon(1), esdrec(1)

3rd Berkeley Distribution EsounD 0.2.36 ESDDSP(1)