DC_SNOOP(1) distcache DC_SNOOP(1)

NAME dc_snoop - Distributed session cache traffic analysis

SYNOPSIS dc_snoop -listen <address> -server <address> [options]

DESCRIPTION dc_snoop runs as a transparent proxy supporting the distcache(8) proto- col and (in theory) should work when inserted between any compliant tools. Ie. this can be used to monitor cache operation requests and responses between applications and dc_client, or between dc_client and dc_server.

This tool is still in early stages of development and is provided very much as-is. It is intended to be used by developers with access to the source code - for now, most configurable behaviour of dc_snoop is set in source code and can not be manipulated on the command-line.

OPTIONS -listen address Configures the address on which dc_snoop should listen for incoming connections. The syntax is that defined by the libnal API.

-server address -connect address These flags are identical, and specify the address dc_snoop should transparently proxy all incoming connections to. For each connec- tion accepted by dc_snoop (on the address specified by -listen) a corresponding connection is opened to the address specified by these flags. When either connection is closed, dc_snoop will corre- spondingly close the other connection.

-h, -help, -? Any of these flags will cause dc_snoop to display a brief usage summary to the console and exit cleanly. Any other flags are ignored.

EXAMPLES This example demonstrates the use of dc_snoop to monitor communications between an instance of dc_client and dc_server both running on the same machine using only unix domain sockets. Suppose the tools are started and tested using the following commands;

# Start services dc_server -daemon -listen UNIX:/tmp/cacheserver dc_client -deamon -listen UNIX:/tmp/cacheclient -server UNIX:/tmp/cacheserver # Run some tests dc_test -connect UNIX:/tmp/cacheclient

The following modification should be functionally equivalent (ignoring the additional latency and overhead of dc_snoop s involvement) and should generate a log file of all cache transactions to logfile. Note the change to the -server flag in dc_client;

# Start services dc_server -daemon -listen UNIX:/tmp/cacheserver dc_client -deamon -listen UNIX:/tmp/cacheclient -server UNIX:/tmp/cachesnoop # Start dc_snoop logging to logfile in the background dc_snoop -listen UNIX:/tmp/cachesnoop -server UNIX:/tmp/cacheserver > logfile & # Run some tests dc_test -connect UNIX:/tmp/cacheclient

BUGS This program is incomplete and not at all configurable on the com- mand-line.

SEE ALSO dc_client(1) Distributed caching client proxy.

dc_server(1) Distributed cache server.

distcache(8) Overview of the distcache architecture.

http://www.distcache.org/ Distcache home page.

AUTHOR This toolkit was designed and implemented by Geoff Thorpe for Crypto- graphic Appliances Incorporated. Since the project was released into open source, it has a home page and a project environment where devel- opment, mailing lists, and releases are organised. For problems with the software or this man page please check for new releases at the project web-site below, mail the users mailing list described there, or contact the author at geoff@geoffthorpe.net.

Home Page: http://www.distcache.org

1.4.5 2004.03.23 DC_SNOOP(1)