NAME aplaymidi - play Standard MIDI Files

SYNOPSIS aplaymidi -p client:port[,...] [-d delay] midifile ...

DESCRIPTION aplaymidi is a command-line utility that plays the specified MIDI file(s) to one or more ALSA sequencer ports.

OPTIONS -h, --help Prints a list of options.

-V, --version Prints the current version.

-l, --list Prints a list of possible output ports.

-p, --port=client:port,... Sets the sequencer port(s) to which the events in the MIDI file(s) are sent.

A client can be specified by its number, its name, or a prefix of its name. A port is specified by its number; for port 0 of a client, the ":0" part of the port specification can be omitted.

For compatibility with pmidi(1), the port specification is taken from the ALSA_OUTPUT_PORTS environment variable if none is given on the command line.

-d, --delay=seconds Specifies how long to wait after the end of each MIDI file, to allow the last notes to die away.

SEE ALSO pmidi(1) playmidi(1)

AUTHOR Clemens Ladisch <clemens@ladisch.de>

15 Feb 2004 APLAYMIDI(1)