gencert(8) gencert(8)

NAME gencert - Generate a test NSS database for mod_nss

SYNOPSIS gencert <destdir>

DESCRIPTION A tool used to generate a self-signed CA as well as server and user certificates for mod_nss testing.

This is used to generate a default NSS database for the mod_nss Apache module. It does not test to see if an existing database already exists, so use with care.

gencert will generate a new NSS database with the password "httptest".

It generates a self-signed CA with the subject "CN=Certificate Shack,, C=US"

It also generates a certificate suitable for servers with the subject "CN=<FQDN>,, C=US", and a user certificate with the sub- ject "E=alpha@<FQDN>, CN=Frank Alpha, UID=alpha, OU=People, O=exam-, C=US".

The nicknames it uses are:

CA: cacert Server certificate: Server-Cert User cert: alpha

OPTIONS <destdir> Specifies the destination directory where the NSS databases will be created.

BUGS Report bugs to

AUTHORS Rob Crittenden <>.

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Rob Crittenden Jul 1 2013 gencert(8)