FUNCTION::UCALLERS(3stap) Context Functions FUNCTION::UCALLERS(3stap)

NAME function::ucallers - Return first n elements of user stack backtrace

SYNOPSIS ucallers:string(n:long)

ARGUMENTS n number of levels to descend in the stack (not counting the top level). If n is -1, print the entire stack.

DESCRIPTION This function returns a string of the first n hex addresses from the backtrace of the user stack. Output may be truncated as per maximum string length (MAXSTRINGLEN).

NOTE To get (full) backtraces for user space applications and shared shared libraries not mentioned in the current script run stap with -d /path/to/exe-or-so and/or add --ldd to load all needed unwind data.

SEE ALSO tapset::ucontext(3stap)

SystemTap Tapset Reference December 2016 FUNCTION::UCALLERS(3stap)